Best Viewpoints in Lisbon

Enjoy the views like a poet 

Address: Miradouro da Graça -Calçada da Graça, 1100-265 Lisboa

The official name is Sophia Mello Breyner Andersen’s viewpoint in honor of the famous poet, who died in 2004 who spent many of her days admiring Lisbon from this spot. 

This is an amazingly romantic place with a stunning view of the Alfama neighborhood, Mouraria, Baixa-Chiado, the 25th April bridge, and Bairro Alto. It’s really a breathtaking view for you to take your time to drink something and relax, we have a very nice kiosk with a bar, summer terrace, and accessibility for all.

If you don’t want to climb the hill you can easily catch the crowded 28 tram, cats the 734 bus, 712 bus from Marquês de Pombal, and 726, and leave the bus at Sapadores neighborhood. 

Top Panoramic View in Lisbon!

Address: Miradouro Chão do Loureiro -Calçada do Marquês de Tancos 18, 1100-006 Lisboa

On top of this car parking, we have one of my favorite views of Lisbon in the Historical center. On the way to the Castel, this is one of the mandatory stops, and it’s actually the favorite place of some of my friends. We can see from here our iconic 25th April bridge, Mouraria, Alfama, Baixa-Chiado, Bairro Alto. 

With a secret elevator on the inside of the building, normally locals use it to go uphill saving their legs a little bit, this place has a really good restaurant named Zanbeze where you can eat Portuguese food with a Mozambique touch. 

On the outside, their beautiful terrace with the panoramic view makes always the perfect scene to enjoy a sunset relaxing, and drinking something with friends and family.

Secret view over Alfama 

Address: Miradouro de Santo Estevã0 Largo de Santo Estêvão 13, 1100-219, Lisboa

Do you want a perfect plan to rest after an intense walk through the historic Alfama stairs and alleys? Go to Largo de Santo Estêvão! It is there that you can relax while enjoying an excellent panoramic view over the Tagus River and the Lisbon houses.

At Largo de Santo Estêvão, you will find a viewpoint that is a hidden gem in the heart of Lisbon’s most authentic neighborhood. In addition to admiring the view, next to the viewpoint is the Church of Santo Estêvão – classified as a National Monument, which was built in the 12th century and rebuilt in 1773 in baroque style.

The Santo Estêvão viewpoint is undoubtedly a perfect place to rest thanks to its serene atmosphere, as well as to admire the city from above. Being in Lisbon has never been so peaceful and admirable!

Cool Tip: the Santo Estêvão viewpoint offers a fantastic perspective on Lisbon’s characteristic houses and the Tagus River. The view from the top of the viewpoint is more imposing on sunny days, when reflections illuminate and make the landscape even more intoxicating. 

The most Romantic place spot in Lisbon!

Address: Miradouro de Santa Luzia -Largo Santa Luzia, 1100-487, Lisboa

This is one of the most romantic spots in Lisbon if you what to do a marriage proposal do it here! It’s a landscaped terrace next to a small church of the same name, offering a beautiful panoramic view of the city’s oldest district, Alfama. 

The dome of the National Pantheon, Santo Estêvão Church, and São Miguel Church stand out among the sea of rooftops below, while the vines that climb up the pergola provide shade on the upper level. The lower terrace allows you to stay in the sun by a reflecting pool. 

At the center of the bougainvillea garden is a bust of Lisbon historian Júlio de Castilho, and behind it are two tile panels — one illustrating St. George’s Castle being taken over from the Moors in 1147, and the other showing Comércio Square before its destruction in the 1755 earthquake, and small tiles with geometric shapes covering the walls of the terrace.

Lets go to Adamastor?

Address: Miradouro do Adamastor Miradouro de Santa Catarina

1200-012, Lisboa

For decades, it was here that many people stood to watch the ships go by. Today it attracts young people of different tribes, who get together on the terrace of a kiosk or sit on steps added during a renovation of the space in 2013. 

The atmosphere is always relaxed, with the smell of beer and weed in the air. That’s often accompanied by the soundtrack of street musicians, who add to the chilled-out atmosphere, especially at sunset, when tourists join the locals.

Everyone is looked over by Adamastor, the mythical giant of epic poet Luís de Camões’ “The Lusiads,” which is sculpted on a rock looking out to the Tagus. For this reason, the terrace is also known as “Miradouro do Adamastor.”
Several cafés and restaurants in the surroundings serve meals throughout the day.