Igor – CEO & Professional tourist guide

“Hi my dear friends, I’m Igor and I’m a local guide here in Lisbon!”

Some words about me

I began my career in the industry in 2014, working as a Private tours creator and professional guide for a company in Lisbon. Now I’m with my own personal project always doing private, exclusive and unique tours, off-the-beaten-path for small groups.

I’m an explorer and an adventurer! The old Lisbon neighborhoods, their secret places, and the surrounding areas of Lisbon are my explorer playground! I started my exploration running with my sneakers and losing myself on purpose to know deeper the local Lisbon, was amazing! I’m now a Street Buddha :)!

I do more than “Tours”, i do Unique Experiences! It’s always something informal, where we can connect, share our life experiences and make new friendships.

You will see Lisbon and its surrounding areas through my eyes, things that i like in, authentic, funny and relaxed way. If this is something that you are searching don’t think twice, Let’s Go!


I’m passionate about Art, History, Culture, Nature, and recently Street Art. I have formation has a Graphic Designer and Advertising Creativity.

Spoken languages

English and Portuguese

“This is our commitment”

You will see Lisbon and its surrounding areas through our eyes, things that we like in a private, authentic, funny and relaxed way.

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